Location and Prices

Prices for overnight staying and breakfast, private bathroom:
one guest 35€ - 40€
two guests 55€ - 60€
three guests 75€ - 85€
Tourist tax per person 0.50€ per day, not included.

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- It 'absolutely FORBIDDEN TO SMOKE in the apartment and in the stairwell.
   There are no balconies so smokers who do not want to go outside in the street for smoking are kindly asked to book to other facilities.
- The use of the kitchen is subject to the immediate reorganization of the same.

- Wastes must be disposed according to the local recycling rules that for the Ancona Municipality correspond to 5 different groups:
  organic, non-recyclable materials, plastic (clean = wash), paper (clean) glass together with aluminum

- The only payment accepted is by cash upon check-in, no exceptions.

- We do not host animals and children under 14 years.

"This house is not a hotel!

.....it's a Bed & Breakfast!"

    A bed and breakfast is a private home open to welcome guests but is not a public space open to all and accessible at any time without notice. There isn't any doorman, so you can enter only after receiving the booking confirmation and at the agreed time.

    Sharing space with guests can be a wonderful experience that enriches both parties, let's try to make it that way and not to turn it into a very unpleasant episode.

    We are pleased to make available the best of our faciliteis, we offer laundry and spotless environment and quality products, brands known and guaranteed. We try to be more flexible to adapt to the needs of those who chose us and all that we do it with passion and enthusiasm, like when you receive a dear friend. We therefore expect to be rewarded with appropriate behavior and respectful of others' property, the house rules and good manners.

Responsible and ecological behavior 

    In our house we try to behave in a respectful environment and in an energy conservation. We would appreciate if you do the same. So we remember that:

   - Make recycling collection is not a mission impossible, just read the containers labels.

   - Make-up products are wonderful but not on pillow, cases and towels, that's why we provide products for face and eyes cleansing. In this way we will reduce doses of super-polluting bleach, helping to safeguard our waters. The same caution should be used for shower mats and tea towels.

   - Bed linen and towels are changed every 7 days, asking for a more frequent change is almost never necessary nor environmentally friendly.

   - Tightly close taps, switch off radiators, all lamps and various electrical appliances before leaving is a good practice, always and everywhere.

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